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This Monday muse is the podcasts that I can’t seem to live without.  They are thought provoking, inspirational and uplifting.
I love, love, love to listen to podcasts in my car, some people get their best ideas in the shower…I get mine while driving.  Listening to these podcasts has improved my life in more ways than one:

Tranquility du jour audio and video podcasts feature fabulous interviews by self-proclaimed tranquilista Kimberly on numerous subjects such as “do-gooding, creativity, yoga, style, and being fabulous”.

Want more?  Visit her website http://kimberlywilson.com/she is a one woman extravaganza.  Her collection of websites include a blog, book club, workshops, retreats, philosophy, yoga tips, recipes, clothing line….her ingenuity and energy are motivational.

Who doesn’t need a little motivation on a Monday?

My next favorite (these aren’t in any special order) are the More hip than hippy chicks Dori and Val.  An eco friendly, environmentally conscious, sustainable collection of gadgets, news, interviews, tips, beer and chocolate…mix in the witty, unpretentious camaraderie of these two fabulous hosts and you’ve got two new friends.  With almost 300 episodes and 6 years in the making there is a load of information available, I just hope they don’t call it quits any time soon.

My final muse for the day is Queen of Dreams, Tina Ferguson.  Her soothing voice teaches peaceful, inspirational, reach for the stars, be your best subject matter in interviews with likeminded guests.  After listening to her I feel refreshed, calm and ready to conquer the world.

So on that 1000th commute to work, or trip to Grandma’s house when you’ve seen everything  and could make your way there blindfolded, with your hands tied…. pop one (or many) episodes of these lovely ladies onto your iPod and stimulate your journey with new thoughts, ideas and creative juices.

Happy listening!


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